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' Today’s interactive Doodle celebrates the dachshund bobblehead, an iconic weiner dog doll with a wobbly, spring-attached head that originated in Germany as a friendly vehicle accessory. The first verifiable reference to the breed traces back to this date in 1723, with its inclusion in Johann Friedrich von Flemming’s book “Der vollkommene teutsche Jäger” (“The Complete German Hunter”).

The dachshund has long been recognized as a popular German symbol. That special status was only strengthened in the 1970s with the manufacture of the first daschund bobbleheads, known affectionately in German as the “Wackeldackel”–or “wobbling dachshund” in English. The agreeable canines could soon be found perched on the rear dash of traditional German notchback cars, nodding along to every twist and bump in the road.

After the Wackeldackel was featured in a late-’90s German advertisement, the bobblehead came howling back to prominence with over 500,000 sold in just eight months.

Keep an eye out for these four-legged passengers on the road! You never know when you might spot a hot dog in the back of a hot rod. ;) '