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27. Aug 2022 20:14
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NiEmAnD 3 months ago
Profile auf Instagram und Facebook gelöscht
Idol der abgehängten Männer: Wie Andrew Tate zum Internetstar wurde

Andrew Tate ist Internetguru und die meist gegoogelte Person der Welt, noch vor Donald Trump. Am Wochenende löschten Instagram und Facebook seine Accounts. Was steckt hinter dem „schlimmsten Influencer der Welt“?

Matthias Schwarzer
23.08.2022, 15:08 Uhr

NiEmAnD 3 months ago

''In a now-deleted video posted to his YouTube channel, Tate stated that he decided to move to Romania in part because it was easier to be absolved of rape charges in Eastern Europe.[28] In April 2022, Tate's house was raided by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism of Romania (DIICOT) in relation to a human trafficking and rape investigation.[33] The U.S. embassy had previously alerted Romanian police that an American woman might be held at the property.[8] The raid resulted in the recovery of an American woman and a Romanian woman.[33] As of August 2022, Romanian authorities said that the investigation was ongoing.[8] A U.S. State Department spokesperson referred to the reported abduction but declined to comment further, citing privacy considerations.[34] Tate denies any wrongdoing.[8]''