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22. Apr 2021 11:28
Tags: armbra Charlie Riina (born Ania Krosinska) is a Polish-born Canadian model, actress and activist <<< nazisse #Karl@IsTheIdiot after me < see?! super-DAU (tm)
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ausdemnichts 1 year ago
Riina has been active in conservative politics in the Toronto area under her given name, Ania Krosinska.
ausdemnichts 1 year ago
In 2016, Riina stood in a provincial by-election under the name Ania Krosinska in the riding of in the Scarborough-Rouge River with the minor right-wing Trillium Party.[18] Riina placed last with 36 votes (0.14%).
ausdemnichts 1 year ago
In 2019, Riina stood for federal office, contesting the riding of Humber River--Black Creek with the right-wing Peoples Party of Canada en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Party_of_Canada .[19] Riina placed 5 out of 7 candidates with 402 votes (1.1%).