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06. Jun 2021 03:36
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ausdemnichts 11 months ago
Greta Thunberg
2. Juni
"The unspoken subtext of this year’s Cop26 climate conference is clear to the young: that we, the suit-wearing, SUV-driving generation, will do our best within the limits of what big business can tolerate, and what elderly voters will accept."
How the Covid shock has radicalised generation Z
Analysis: young people’s testimonies show they are ready to draw systemic conclusions from the handling of the pandemic by political elites
ausdemnichts 11 months ago

Happy #Pride month every month of every year!
ausdemnichts 11 months ago

die israelische politik ist den korrupten faschisten bibi wohl los...

ausdemnichts 11 months ago
^ ^ + ^ @image
8fpr9uzhj5e786z 8 months ago
you are the complete dumbfuck, Karl@chen KaKadu / WiederGott / ...